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by Lanette Kissel

Will we fear a natural disaster,
A hurricane, earthquake, or flood?
Or will we believe in the infinite power
Of the One, who for us, shed His blood?
Will we fear a demon's touch,
lament how Satan's presence fills the earth?
Or will we trust in our Shield of protection,
believing in the One of humble birth?
Do we fear the onset of disease,
what the medical tests might reveal?
Or will we trust that, if it's His will,
He has the unquestioning power to heal?
Are we concerned about our mortality?
Do we worry about a premature death?
Or will we trust the One who said, "Father, forgive them,"
with His final dying breath?
Will we trust the One who said, "Be still"
who can calm our personal storm,
and believe the One who cherishes us
will always keep us safe from harm?

Will we defer to public opinion?
Or will we trust the One who has dominion?

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