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The Fullness of the Cross

by Kevn Smead © 2018

The cross is a light in thick darkness,
A veritable certainty of hope;
Perspective for those in the shadows,
Refining one’s vision and scope.

A compass for wondering pilgrims,
Guiding one to the homeland;
Returning the banished from exile,
Restoring the rebel once banned.

The cross is a crutch for the wavering,
Relief for those burdened with sin;
A rest for the weary and hurting,
The wretched and poor among men.

The cross gives a shadow of refuge,
Oh its height, its length, and its breadth.
Whose thoughts can ascend to its greatness?
Whose soul can descend to its depths?

The cross provides health to the ailing,
Without bandage, or scalpel, or stitch.
For Christ was the one who was wounded,
And we are the ones He enriched.

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