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Letting Go

by Kayla Smith

I'm lost at sea
The Sea of Iniquity
No ocean is deeper than this
Sea of Wickedness
I'm drowning in transgression
Hit by another wave of depression
No one is more alone in this
Sea of Loneliness
How can this be?
My God, have You left me?
I feel my sorrow seep
To the bottom of the ocean deep
The storm clouds form overhead
The sight fills me dread
I scream my prayer to heaven above
Asking for just one touch of Love
As lightning streaks across the darkened sky
I find myself wondering why
I'm lost in this Sea of Hate
And why the storm is so irate
A thought is found in my mind
If I want to live I must leave it all behind
The anger, hate, fear, and lust
Jesus, it is You I trust
I'm done being in control
God, this is me letting go
I let go of that will to survive
Letting my head go under the tide
Dying to myself to live for You
Jesus, You died so I wouldn't have to
Suddenly a hand grasps my arm
But I know this hand will do me no harm
As He pulls me into His boat above
My heart swells with His undying love
I find myself staring at my Savior's face
Because of Him I was saved by grace
He takes me into His arms and whispers to me,
"I was waiting for you to finally see
That all you have to do is call
And I will catch you when you fall.
I never wanted to see you cry,
But now you'll make it, just you and I."
Listening to what He had to say
For the first time I knew I'd be okay
No longer is this a Sea of Iniquity,
Now it's a Sea of Tranquility.

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