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God's Miracles Great and Small

by Donna Hendrix

Orange and blue
Pink and white
Those were the colors
Of the horizon tonight
A painting from the
Master artist above
Sent to show us His
Awesome love

Brown and orange
Yellow and blue
Butterfly colors sent
To me and you
Delicate creatures fluttering
In the air
There journey through life
Has none to compare

Red, white, and yellow
Purple, blue, and pink
Colors in my flower garden
Sometimes are unique
Each delicate petal is
An amazing gift
For such beauty can give
Your day a special lift

Beautiful green valleys
To snowy mountain peaks
Rolling prairie land to
Oceans so deep
God has given us creatures
Great and small
And a beautiful world
For us all

Red and yellow
Black and white
As the song goes we are
Precious in God's sight
He's given to us the
Miracle of birth
Every life to Him is
Of great worth!

From sunsets to the world
To the gift of life
God's miracles are a
Wondrous sight
But the greatest miracle
From the Father above
Is His son, Jesus Christ
And His infinite love!

This poem was a finalist in the September 2010 poetry contest

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