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Christ Alone

by Melvin Mimi Udefuna

I've been through different spheres of life,
And each taught me a lesson of their own,
That no matter how tough they seem to be,
I'll always give thanks to Christ alone.

I've been misled to think that this life was all about me,
Forgetting the fact that I'm just living it on a loan,
And when my time is due to be sent on an eternal leave,
I'll just have to return it to Christ alone.

When all hope is seemingly lost,
And all my efforts yield results as light as an empty cone,
I'll always try my best at any cost,
To put all my trust in Christ alone.

I've come to understand now,
That Christ for my sins and transgressions did atone,
That when I'm left with the choice of who receives my bow,
It definitely must be to Christ alone.

To die in Christ for me is gain,
Although living for him is not easy on my own,
But even when I'll be given this life to live again,
I'll live it all for Christ alone.

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