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Who Will Dare?

by Gary L S West

I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death
The stench overwhelms me
And I must hold my breath

Look at what the world became
The bodies on the floor
Makes me start to wonder why
What's left worth fighting for?

Broken houses, broken homes
Shattered lives and empty souls
Fractured minds that dwell alone
Spirits raked across the coals

Children now afraid to laugh
Fathers who abuse the rod
Churches who let sinners preach
Religions who declare jihad

Babies murdered in the womb
America begs, "God bless"
Why should God show any care
When we serve Him less and less

We let the gays preach God's word
And this thing is such a blight
Scripture tells us plain and true
This is horrid in God's sight

Adultery spreads like a blaze
Fathers leaving wife and child
Chasing women, feeding lust
Marks our nation as defiled

With little shame and much pride
Pushing limits of God's grace
We mix faith with profane words
Bringing forth such foul disgrace

Who will dare to cross the line?
Who will dare to take this quest?
Who will dare to stand upright?
Who will dare to truth attest?

Author's Note; When I first decided to post this work, I had thought to include a foreword, apologizing for any offense that it might cause. Then I realized that doing so would work towards the opposite effect of what this poem should do. It seems to me that people, Christians in particular, are in need of a swift kick in the pants. It is not my direct intention to bring offense, but if this work forces one single person to look in the mirror and change the world around them, then I consider it worth any offense I might cause to a thousand others.)

This poem was a finalist in the September 2010 poetry contest

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