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Making the Right Choices

by Donna Hendrix

I find myself wanting to do the will of God
In all of life's undertakings and every road I trod
I prayed Dear Lord, I want to hear your voice
How am I to know if I'm making the right choice

A voice deep within my heart said you must read my Word
To think that you would find my will without it would really be absurd
Next you must pray and listen for my direction
Make time to be alone with me and for personal reflection

If there is sin in your life causing conflict between you and me
Then take the steps to make it right and my path you will see
There are times I will lead you by the circumstances in your life
It may be in the good times or times of struggle and strife

For help, seek Godly counsel, but be careful with whom you speak
Make sure that person truly walks with me and truth is what they seek
Listen to your conscience if it's been purified through me
Listen for my voice; I'll send my directions to thee

Be aware when your spirit becomes restless and out of kilter
Drop to your knees and pray for my messages to filter
Remember that a walk of faith comes one step at a time
Finding my will may come with rocky hills to climb

Don't let the things of this world hinder your pursuit for truth
Read the old testament if you want lots of proof
That following God's plan for you will make your life complete
For then God's light will shine through you for everyone you meet

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