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Seasons of Life

by Donna Hendrix

Spring returns with warm breezes aloft
Tulips spring forth in colors so soft
New leaves are sprouting out on the trees
And new hope for the future we can foresee

New leaves remind me of a new Christian's grace
How Jesus takes your old life and will replace
Born again Christians bid their old life adieu
As the Holy Spirit comes to live within you

Summer is a season for family time
Beautiful summer flowers and roses that climb
Succulent green leaves are now fully grown
Awaiting fall breezes when their true beauty is shone

Christian growth reminds me of the growing leaves
How as a Christian you begin growing once you believe
The Spirit guides you through this world of sin
Teaching you lessons to be used for the Glory of Him

Fall is my favorite time of the year
When God's most brilliant artistry appears
Green foliage begins to make its change
From colors of yellow to red they range

Colorful changing leaves remind me of a Christian mature
How through you God's light shines so pure
To help lead others to the Savior's love and grace
So they too can be transformed and their sins erased

Winter winds will soon begin to blow
The beautiful leaves will have finished their show
Dying leaves will have fallen and covered the ground
Trees await the return of warm weather to rebound

When Christians finish their life on earth
We return to the ground only to have rebirth
With our Father in heaven we will go to live
Where we will have eternal life through the love He gives

This poem won 2nd place for the October 2010 poetry contest

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