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He Too Waited

by Melinda Young © 2005

I'm tired of waiting, my Lord.
I'm tired of waiting for what's in store.
Can't you see? I need You in me,
So You can know what it's like. . .

My child, peace be still;
For I have a story to tell.
For so long I stood over your life,
And you were destined for hell.

But, I knew, I knew,
What one day you'd do.
You'd come to me with open arms,
And I would make you new.

But until then...I too waited.

I would have preferred you before then,
But the time just wasn't right.
When the time came, how it was worth the wait
And all those lonely times.

Though it was hard...I too waited.

Years came and went,
But still there was no sign of you.
The waiting was tearing me apart,
Because I saw the pain you went through.

But I time was soon.

I was counting down the days
Until I could call you mine.
Knowing that one special day
You'd choose to be my bride.

But until then...I too waited.

Now you and I are one,
Never again to part.
Just as before, I know the future,
And the desires of your heart.

Still I know,
I know where you will go,
Because you chose grace,
My love will never let you go.

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