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Thanksgiving's Coming

by Donna Hendrix

Over the river and through the woods
Thanksgiving's coming just as it should
The day to be thankful for the year
And for all the blessings that we hold dear

Time for families to get together
No matter what the weather
Mom and dad, sisters and brothers
Time to show we love one another

Grandma and grandpa and all the kids
Aunts and uncles and cousins amid
All the confusion and fun of the day
And lots of food in the midst of disarray

Sweet memories we make as the years pass by
We think of loved ones who've gone to God on high
The circle of life which is so very dear
As our family changes and grows each year

This is a special day we should all thank God
For the abundant blessings of the life we trod
Thank Him for the family you hold so dear
And that within your heart you can always feel them near

Thank Him for the laughter and tears you've shed
Thank Him for His daily provision of bread
Thank Him for living in this country that's free
And for the freedom to worship Him spiritually

Most of all thank Him for Jesus Christ His son
And that He loved you so much His father's will was done
Thank Him for the very life He has given to you
And pray that your life will glorify Him in all that you do

Over the river and through the woods
Thanksgiving's coming just as it should
But remember to thank Him every day of the year
For all the many blessings that to you are so dear!

This poem was a finalist in the November 2010 poetry contest

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