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Thank You So Much.

by Gertrude Jefferies

We remember the men, who went off to war,
We remember today, what they all fought for.
We remember kids growing up with no dads.
For they laid down their lives, giving all they had.

Homes that will never, ever be the same again,
For the 'ravages of war' to almost every home came.
We remember the women, they were such brave hearts,
For 'freedom' and country', they played a great part.

We remember it all so clearly today,
For that kind of mem'ry will not fade away.
Today we remember, and we all say 'thank you,'
For the brav'ry, the sacrifice, and all you went through.

We remember the ones who lived to come home
Crippled and broken, mind, spirit and bone.
We owe you so much, we can never repay
For we can never give back, what the wars took away.

To those brave souls, who now are fighting for right,
We hold up your names, keep them ever in sight.
We pray for you all whether you're near or far,
That God will watch o'er you wherever you are.

Bring you safely home again, to loving arms
To family and friends, and no more sound of guns.
And to those who died while defending our lands,
We salute you all, with both our hearts and our hands,

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