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Putting On the New Man

by Deborah Ann Belka

You offered to me this new man,
and asked me to put him on.
You challenged me to grow in him,
and to be willing to be Spirit drawn.

You told me my life was useless,
and my heart was as dry as dust.
That my mind was full of darkness,
overflowing with the sin of lust.

You asked me to give to You,
the worldly joys in my possession.
You told me that in return for them,
You'd give me Your pure perfection.

You made me open up my eyes,
and see the uselessness in what I do.
Showing me no matter how hard I try,
they're fruitless when done without You.

You revealed to me that all my pain,
was from the emptiness deep inside.
And why this old and new man,
can't live peacefully side by side.

You asked me to make a choice,
a dark heart for one full of light.
I chose to put on the righteous man,
and to give the old one a holy fight!

Ephesians 4:17

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