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by Donna Hendrix

As I sit here and ponder over this year's Thanksgiving day
Seeing all the blessings that have come my way
I'm ashamed and embarrassed as I look around
At all my many possessions that do abound

Closets overflowing with clothes and shoes
Many of which I never even use
A house and basement filled with many things
Speaks volumes to the life of which I use to cling

I've been blessed with a nice house upon a hill
Sadly suspecting it wasn't your will, but my selfish desire to fulfill
I, like so many, taught my children selfishness and greed
When I should have been teaching them to care for those in need

I'm so blessed to live in the land of opportunity
But sadly it's become a land of "All about Me"
The American dream we once held so dear
Has really become a subject we should fear

The Pilgrims shared the first Thanksgiving to praise God
For the many blessings in this vast new world they trod
They thanked Him for leading them to this foreign land
And for His love and guidance always so close at hand

God was at the forefront of this nation so strong
A land built on Christian values; right and wrong
A Christian nation that stood above all
But somewhere a long the way we became deaf to His call

So as I sit looking at my life full of waste
And all of the sins that I must face
I'm making changes in my own life right now
And I pray that America will come back some how

I pray that others around me will know I'm God's child
That my heart is wide open to others, so meek and mild
I pray that God will lead me to the right track
And I will be doing His will the day He comes back

This poem was a finalist in the November 2010 poetry contest

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