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To Be Like Me

by Donna Hendrix

Are you living a life that you want your children to see?
Can you say to yourself, I want them to be like me?
Do your actions imitate those of God?
Are you on a path that you want them to trod?

Are you showing your children selfishness and greed?
Or are you showing them to give to those in need?
Do your children see you seek the Lord's guidance everyday
Do they see you get down on your knees and pray?

Do they see you give from your heart?
Through you, do they see God's love impart?
Do they see you give your neighbors a helping hand?
See compassion from you for your fellow man.

Do you spend lots of time with them each day?
And when you do are you careful with the words you say?
Do you take them to church on Sunday morn?
Have you taught them what it means to be reborn?

One of the most important jobs you will have on earth
One of the jobs that gives your life great worth
Is raising your children to follow God's word
Leading them by example and being heard

Teach your children to live by the golden rule
In everything they do; at home, at play, at school
Show them how to have a loving heart
For it's from you that they get their start

Can you honestly say, "I want them to be like me"
I want them to imitate my actions that they see
I want them to repeat the words I say
And I want them to live like me each and everyday

Take a long hard look at the life you live
Are you sure this is the example you want to give????

This poem was a finalist in the November 2010 poetry contest

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