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Are You The One?

by Gertrude Jefferies

They caught her in the plain act of adultery,
Before the feet of Jesus, threw her down.
He did not speak, but stooped and picked a pebble,
And began to write something upon the ground.

I don't what he wrote, but it was chastening,
To those who stood there ready to condemn.
And then he said the one who was without sin
Could throw the first stone, and her life to end.

I cannot be the one to throw the first stone,
For well I know that I am without sin.
I cannot be the one to point the finger,
For in my life sin had made a home within.

I can't imagine just how much she suffered
Lying there upon the ground, for all to see.
But I can know the joy the leaped within her,
When Jesus said, "go sin no more, you now are free."

So don't be quick to scorn and point the finger,
At someone who is tangled in their sin.
Go share His love, and try to help your neighbor
And leave the criticising up to Him.

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