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One Year He'll Be Here

by Robert Hedrick

Jesus, as the new year approaches, could this be the year of Your return,
Then, with all that is going on, there does not seem to be much concern.
While the life styles of many people, just keep going from bad to worse,
As they continue to follow Satan and are tangled in the web of his curse.

Doing things, that only a few years ago, they did not want anyone to know,
Today they are open with it, saying they'll decide how their life will go.
Men with men and women with women, each committing unnatural acts,
They say this is alright but God's Word will give them the true facts.

Too, there are men and women living together who aren't man and wife,
Not secretly, but going about this as though it is the natural life.
These are only two of the many mistakes, that every day, man is making,
Then all not serving the Lord, need to know of the risk they are taking.

Now it's possible Jesus, this may be the year You will appear in the sky,
All that are ready, hearing their name read from heaven's book, by and by.
While any who are not, should be preparing to get ready and right away,
Even though He does not come this year, rest assured, He will someday.

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