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The Fall of Men

by Toby Hart

The people on the street just pass me by,
with glares that make me feel as big as a fly.
They act as though they are full of courage and might,
and sit on a throne of bright, pure light.

But I know the secrets of these men
what they've hidden deep within.
They must give up their earthly things,
their treasures and pride to follow the 1 true King.

But you can see it in their eyes,
that they have fallen victim to a snake's lies.
They won't give up their earthly things
to praise and sing to the 1 true King.

Such a shame. for when they burn in Hell,
I'll be polishing a stunning shell.
Soon their judgment day will come about,
7 years of rain then drought.

The Fall of Men is not their sin, but take heed,
For The Fall of Men is their greed.

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