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A Pure Heart

by Donna Hendrix

Oh Lord I pray,
That you will help me to have a pure heart
A pureness from you that sets me a part
May I always seek to live in your light
In your goodness and mercy and awesome might

Oh Lord I pray,
That you will daily guide me to walk in your way
That you find me and lead me back when I go astray
Please don't allow this sheep too far to roam
And please be my shepherd that will lead me home

Oh Lord I am thankful,
For the continued privilege of having you in my life
For the blessing of seeing and hearing you to help me through the strife
To see your face in the shadow of earth's sinful ways
Is to see a glimpse of heaven to help me through dark days

Oh Lord I pray,
That you will help me to have a pure heart
So that while on earth I may see God and His love to impart
And may I strive daily to be like my Savior above
That I may see glimpses of heaven and my Father's love

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