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Guilt Defeated

by Deborah Ann Belka

Guilt is just a word,
that gets in our way.
We often trip upon it,
as we go about the day.

It's Satan's wisest tool,
in his shed of endless blame.
It's meant to provoke in us,
a sense of regret and shame.

He takes out his pick,
and chips away at our soul.
Uncovering all our faults,
is his deceitful goal.

He uses guilt to remind us,
of the mistakes we have made.
Not wanting us to forget them,
nor let their memories fade.

With his pick and shovel,
he digs for us a pit.
Telling us as Christians,
we're not really fit.

So the next time you feel,
guilt tugging at your feet.
Call out the name of Jesus,
and Satan you'll defeat!

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