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On Eagle's Wings

by Kathleen Higham

Rising oh so high
I hear the angels sing
The softest feathers comfort me
Nestled on the eagle's wing.

A peace that I have never known
When to the heavens, I see
My Father smiling down so sweet
As He reaches out for me.

The eagle sets me gently down
In my Father's arms, I cry
His tears will wash away my pain
His heart brings forth a sigh.

The eagle looks to his Master
Then gracefully flies away
Another soul waits unbeknown
To meet the Lord this day.

Rising oh so high
Through the clouds, a thunder
My heart cries out to be with Him
How long must I wait and wonder?

The eagle has become my friend
He tips his wings to say:
"I am watching over you"
Then blessed me on my way.

When it is time, he'll come
But not to say hello
Swooping down, he lifts me up
To my Savior I will go.

Rising up on eagle's wings
No longer weary shall I roam
Soaring, soaring through the sky
The eagle takes me homeā€¦

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