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Jesus Came To Deliver Us

by Warrior 4Christ © 1982

Jesus came to deliver us
From the chains we wear;
From the shadows of death and shame;
From prisons of despair.

Jesus came to deliver us
From wounds of sad woe;
From depths of grief, guilt, and pain;
From bonds our sins bestow.

Jesus came to deliver us
From powers which harm;
From the kingdom of darkest night;
From all things which alarm.

Jesus came to deliver us
From frustrated tears;
From hopelessness, doubt, disbelief;
From soul-tormenting fears.

Jesus came to deliver us
Into God's great Love;
Into a more Abundant Life
--Into a Home Above!

O Praise His matchless, holy Name!
Do not fear or fuss--
Jesus, with His mighty Power, came
Just to deliver us!

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