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The Light Prevails

by Robert Hedrick

With thoughts of my childhood, bedtime comes to mind,
Because this left some memories that aren't very kind.
Mom tucked us in, prayed and kissed each one good night,
Then came the dreaded part when she'd turn off the light.

Back then, I was more than just a little afraid of the dark,
Waking in a tremble when a cat growled or a dog would bark.
Remembering when daylight came, it was sure a welcome sight,
Then, it's dark again and time for mom to turn off the light.

Then as I think of this, I'm reminded that the time will come,
Whenever God cuts off the lights of the lives of everyone.
Some have prepared, believing Jesus Christ is their Light,
Today He is their Savior and they are always in His sight.

Jesus is my Savior and darkness no longer holds that fear,
He has promised never to leave me and He's always near.
Then I know when God's ready to turn off my life's light,
There is nothing for me to dread, for heaven is in sight.

This poem was a finalist in the January 2011 poetry contest

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