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My Hope

by Deborah Ann Belka

My hope doesn't disappoint,
it never lets me down.
My hope I can count on,
I know it's always around.

My hope fills me with stillness,
it brings calmness and peace.
My hope is everlasting,
for it will never cease.

My hope is perpetual,
forever it goes on.
My hope is never-ending,
no way will it be gone.

My hope is in the promise,
that I found in His Word.
My hope is my salvation,
from the truth I have heard.

My hope has no real measure,
it can't be tied or bound.
My hope is inexhaustible,
it can always be found.

My hope fills me with power,
it is strong and steadfast.
My hope is the Lord Jesus,
and to eternity will last.

Romans 5:5

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