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If Not For the Silence

by Kevn Smead © 2019

If not for the silence I could not rejoice,
So much in the solace of hearing his voice.
If not for the pain that befalls in this land,
I could not fully know his comforting hand.

If not for the depth of sorrow profound,
Hope could not rise; it could hardly abound.
If not for the aching losses and strife,
Never would Jesus have been my whole life.

If not for bereavement my heart would not long;
My desire for heaven would not be so strong.
If not for the failure, success would become,
A god on its own, as it has done with some.

If not for the doubt that has oft plagued my mind,
My faith would be shallow; it would have declined.
If not for addiction (that bondage so cruel)
I would not value liberty under his rule.

God has been working, sometimes in the dark.
The flint stone of hardship has given the spark.
The spark may become a bright towering flame.
A faith that is tested shall not be ashamed.

Luke 10: 38-42

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