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A Nation Divided

by Deborah Smith Plemmons © 2018

"Anti" this and "Anti" that;
This is where America's at.
"We the People" are divided;
A land that's no more united.

Some say we can have an effect,
If we are politic'ly correct.
Whatever we say or do depends
On whether or not it offends.

We've been given "Freedom of Speech";
It's meaning seems diff'rent for each.
When things opposed end in protest,
Most times, it brings about unrest.

Respect the Red, White, and the Blue;
Honoring those in power, too.
When peace prevails by doing right,
It's acceptable in God's sight.

May we seek God and humbly pray,
That we might live to see the day,
When "In God We Trust" is as before,
And we are united once more.

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