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A Broken Promise

by Melinda Young © 2005

I gave my all, pretended to trust;
Little did I know deep inside
Lived a lingering doubt
An uncertainty I tried to hide.

Sure enough it surfaced;
We saw my uncertainty.
I’ve hurt You, because I trusted You
Yet, my faith grew away from me.

What have You done to break
Your promise of everlasting love?
Nothing at all, You’ve never failed
To guide me from above.

What have I done to break my promise
To trust You and leave my sin?
I’ve taken back from Your holy hands
What I have already given.

These troubles were trials;
A testing of my sincerity.
A simple look at my reaction
Not the problem given to me.

We see now that there will be times
When I will fall during this race.
Yet, I will let You pick me up
And stand firm in Your mercy and grace.

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