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A Present Luxury

by Melinda Young © 2005

Stop hurting my one true love;
I have proof of his pain.
It is written down; it lingers in my soul,
Never to be taken in vain.

Our perspectives on life differ;
Yours, being one of two.
Mine, not what it once was,
The outlook of the wise versus the outlook of the fool.

Your sin is a present luxury;
Yet, a future disaster is at hand.
My wish is for you to see.
Let go of evil's grasp, run to Him on bended knee.

Oh, to go the way of the wise;
Thank God He brought me there.
Wisdom recognizes majesty, course, and love;
The mind opens up to His cares.

The foolish soul is never satisfied;
Seeing nothing beyond its own sight.
Only considering what is wanted,
Not necessarily what is right.

Though sin is addicting;
Righteousness is rare to the eye.
The enticing sacrifice done in strength
Is a priceless jewel once realized.

What is pleasing to the soul
Can be your only desire.
Surrendering will make you consumed
With a brand new type of fire.

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