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Blind Dependence

by Melinda Young © 2005

I reflect in this state of mind,
Confused as to where I stand.
In awe of the changes I've faced,
Longing for You to take my hand.

Opposing attitudes
Follow me everywhere I go.
I pray my faith will multiply;
A path I hope You'll show.

Lord, should I start over
With this empty life of mine
Or should I hold on to something
I had once upon a time?

Both outcomes are unknown to me,
So I hope my choice is right.
My biggest fear being to alter the plan You have for me.
I have a feeling that I just might.

I have no idea what the future holds,
So please soon let me see.
I want to please You in every way;
My heart knows trusting You is the key.

Everything has let me down,
Except Your unconditional love that doesn't make sense.
That is why I shall be called blessed,
Resting in peace with blind dependence.

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