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Mortal Calls: Spirit Rescues

by Danette Kettwich

Every now and every then
Frustration finds my heart again.

Meaningless tasks never end
Unanswered prayers a bitter friend.

Never sure what each step brings
Blessings hidden in darkened wings.

My heart knows, ignore such things
But I still hear what Mortal sings.

Mortal tries hard to reclaim
Retelling heartache and of pain.

Dreariness and my life's rain~
I know the thoughts I should refrain!

Mortal calls, "Follow us please.
Come back once more to earth's reprise."

Silent whispers in the trees.
The Spirit's movement in the breeze;

With open arms to withstand,
He brings me back from sinking sand.

Reminding me that in His hand~
The Master has a heavenly plan.

This poem won 2nd place for the March 2011 poetry contest

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