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by John Thorne © 2014

The wonders of heaven none of us know
But at our life's end we all want to go
To meet our Saviour, to behold his face
And be lovingly welcomed to Gods resting place

We hope to meet friends and family there
With eternal peace in Gods tender care
The saints with Jesus, on Gods right hand
As one with the angels in Gods heavenly band

Will there be music and singing and bells
Plus time for reflection in short quiet spells?
Time for rejoicing and singing Gods praise
No night-time of darkness just Gods endless days

Gods light will surround us we'll have peace of mind
No pain, no violence, or conflict we'll find
No hunger or thirst no evil or greed
Just heavens manna on which we will feed

But what of the blessings God gave us in life
The animals, birds and all the plant-life
The splendour of landscape the sky and the seas
The sun glint on water. the breeze through the trees

Is heaven reserved for God's people alone?
Are these blessings replaced by splendours unknown?
No one can tell us we'll just have to wait
One thing is certain it's bound to be great

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