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-The End- May 21, 2011

by Bryan Miles

Asleep in my bed
Thinking things were alright
Awakened in terror
From a thief in the night
He tied both my hands
Bound to a chair
Duct taped my mouth
Fighting for air
Ransacked my house
Sharp pointed knife
Held to my neck
Threatened my life
Yanked on the phone
Pulled on the cord
Like a thief in the night
The coming of the Lord
The day or the hour
Is not known by man
The siren screeched loudly
And that's why he ran
Out of my house
Down the street
Pre-warned by the lights
Rushing of feet

It won't be much different
For you my friend
Not even the Lord
Knows when it will end
Only the Father
Truthfully knows
So, don't grab your suitcase
Or pack all your clothes
Simply be ready
Be ready of heart
Pray on the rooftops
Doing your part
Don't worry bout the hour
Or even the date
As long as on Jesus
You prayerfully wait
There will come a day
Each man will attend
A brand new beginning
Is promised at the end...

This poem was a finalist in the May 2011 poetry contest

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