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The Mentor

by Margaret Cagle

He was just a country preacher
In a country church so small,
But each member loved him dearly,
And he dearly loved them all.

"Preacher Ken," they called him.
His truck they called "Old Red."
That rattle trap was so old,
They once declared it dead.

Preacher Ken visited members
On each Saturday afternoon.
Little Ben would finish lunch
And say, "Preacher's coming soon!"

On Saturday, the preacher's visit
Was Ben's highlight of the week.
He loved to see that red truck come
With his preacher so mild and meek.

Little Ben was just only five,
But he heard Preacher's sermons too,
And he'd say when Preacher visited,
"One day, I'll preach like you."

Ben never missed a church service.
He got saved when he was only ten
Because Preacher Ken was faithful,
And he tried each soul to win.

Preacher Ken taught Ben the Bible,
And when Ben was just eighteen,
Preacher Ken developed cancer
And became really sick and lean.

Before he died, he gave to Ben
His Bible and his old truck too.
Ben had already started preaching
In a style that was not new.

It seemed that Preacher's mantle
Had fallen upon dear young Ben,
For when Preacher went to Heaven,
Ben's portion of power doubled then.

They never forgot Preacher Ken,
Who preached God's mercy and grace,
And they were ever so thankful
For young Ben who took his place.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.