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The Living Lord of Love

by Yee Ying Yeo © 2018

How lowly on earth my saviour did walk
If only the stones could cry out and talk
To speak the unspeaking to both you and I
And of many unseen to our seeing eye

How lovely the child in a manger did lay
Such rejoicing resounded throughout night and day
When angels and shepherds a glad welcome gave
To the newborn who came for this world to save

How light-footed our young Jesus was He
How carelessly careful, how happy and free
Until at twelve to the temple He trod
And spoke that He was the Son of God

How lonely the road before Him led way
Such comfort He sought when He knelt to pray
Such bliss to Him, His Father to know
Wide welcoming arms unto Him He must go

How Lordly He moved to the music on high
Dancing beneath the star-studded sky
Living in wonder midst wonders of earth
Enjoying a life full of beauty and mirth

How loving the man was to children who came
All tender and gentle He knew each by name
And while drawing them into His embrace
Sweet lips of the infants gave Him their praise

How laboured His praying as He prayed all alone
That sacred night before He was gone
And then He fully surrendered His will
Obediently walked up to Calvary’s hill

How laughing in triumph was our Man
His victory won when new life began
For all sin was dead and death put to death
And the Spirit in Him breathed life-giving breath

How eternally lively is Christ Jesus our Lord
In living, in all life as God’s final Word
Such gladness, such joy before Him to kneel
Such rapture and love in each heart must feel

This poem was a finalist in the December 2018 poetry contest

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