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My Quality Of Life

by Margaret Cagle

They took away all my sugar.
Then they took away my salt.
There goes my walnut ice cream
And also my chocolate malt.

This comes from getting older
When health problems can mount.
Then comes more aches and pains
Than I can really keep account.

There are some precious things
That old age cannot take away.
They seem to just get sweeter
With each hour of every day.

I have joy and peace within,
And no one can take that away.
Jesus Christ gave this to me,
And it is always there to stay.

They think my quality of life
Is affected by getting old,
But the quality just gets better,
For I am in my Shepherd's fold.

The spiritual food from His table
Is better than the finest steak,
And the time I spend with Him
Is better than chocolate cake.

My children, please don't worry
About the quality of my life.
Life is perfect up in Heaven
With no aches, pains, or strife.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2012 poetry contest

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