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by Danette Kettwich

Numbness so consuming, that the tears won't come
She feels at the end of it and her life's undone.

The emptiness so vast, she can barely breathe.
Hope seems so far away, she can hardly see.

Mistakes so bad that she can no longer face.
There's no way that God could offer her His grace.

She looks at her baby, his smile and brown eyes
And even though her life is filled with hurt and lies;

She can't give up on life or her child now
She'll try to make it through, fight despair somehow.

She remembers back to when one time in her life
When she gave her heart and faith to Jesus Christ.

She cries out in despair "God please help me now".
"I need to find you here once again somehow."

She drops to the floor face down on her knees
Gasping, in such turmoil she can barely breathe.

"This broken life I have; is this what it takes?"
As she relives all of her sins and past mistakes.

Sobs consuming body, hurt consumes her soul
As she gives to her God all the lost control

Cries of rushing freedom, purifying tears
Forgiveness now washes all the wasted years.

As she cries out to God there upon her knees
She finds again in God, realizes grace she needs.

The road is still paved with truth of consequence
But God will give to her a renewed confidence.

She cries to her Savior "God, Please take control"
"I give to you my heart my love and all my soul".

She goes back again to the time in her life
When her heart was filled with faith in Jesus Christ.

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