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My Mayflower Adventures

by Margaret Cagle

In November of sixty-seven,
We decided to take a trip.
We wanted to see the replica
Of the famous Mayflower ship.

My husband worked near Boston,
So Plymouth was not far away.
We could drive over to the ship
And return home that same day.

David was in the first grade.
Our son was just six-years-old.
"Pilgrims came on the Mayflower,"
In school he had been told.

In order to go on the Mayflower,
We'd have to pay an entrance fee,
And we only had a dollar in cash,
Not enough for a group of three.

"I really don't feel like going
On the Mayflower," I did declare.
I was expecting our second child,
So I could not climb on there.

"If I take David on the ship,
I have to have one dollar more."
My husband seemed discouraged
As we walked along the shore.

I silently prayed that the Lord
Would somehow provide a way
For my husband to take our son
On the Mayflower ship that day.

A breeze was blowing the leaves
As we continued walking that day.
I looked down to see a dollar
Blowing straight toward my way.

I picked up the God-sent dollar.
We rejoiced for answered prayer.
David said as he went with his dad,
"Mom, one day you can go on there."

It was thirty-four years later,
After my husband had passed away,
I took a trip with my family.
We went to Plymouth one day.

We all went on the Mayflower ship.
I remembered what David had said.
I was astonished at the amazing way
That our awesome Lord had led!

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