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Go Ahead and Grieve

by Deborah Ann Belka

Go ahead and grieve,
for the America you lost
go ahead and sob
for you understand the cost.

The people have voted,
without thought of the cross
and you understand
the immensity of your loss.

America has finally said,
what is in their heart
and from God and country
they've decided it's time to part.

Women's rights for abortion,
has ruled the day
and marriage now is for those
who are lesbian and gay.

Marijuana is now legal,
to smoke in three states
as long as you are high
you can do whatever it takes.

The race cards has been played,
and Obama is the king
but the ace of spades is waiting
and hell he's going to bring.

Go ahead and grieve,
America has gone to pot . . .
and I know it is because
"In God" they have forgot.

This poem was a finalist in the November 2012 poetry contest

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