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Safe in His Hands

by Philip Armstrong © 2017

No condemnation now we fear,
The Spirit set us free;
His grace and mercy have appeared,
A son I’ve come to be.
Nothing in heav'n nor on earth,
Can part us from His love;
The ransom paid has given birth,
To countless saints above. 8
By faith we have been justified,
No works of mine I boast;
By hope we’ll soon be glorified,
And join all heaven’s host.
So many reasons to rejoice,
Even in this dark land;
The sheep can hear his loving voice,
And follow His commands. 16
His saints must never be dismay’d,
Or sink in hopeless fear;
All things seen now are soon to fade,
Our Savior will appear.
The suff’rings of this present time,
Can’t compare to glory;
The highest mountains we must climb,
Till we end our story. 24

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