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The City We Seek

by Philip Armstrong © 2017

Ev’ry great city of this world,
Destined to flee away;
All heav’n, earth will shake and be furled,
Destroy’d by fire that day.
The New Jerusalem descends,
On Zion great the mount;
The kingdom comes that never ends,
Our home of great account. 8
No eye has seen, not one has dreamed,
Of such a perfect land;
Since ev’ry heart will be redeemed,
All death and sin are banned.
Pure joy and peace ever increase,
In the city of gold, I’m told;
Suff’ring, tears and sorrow all cease,
When His great reign takes hold. 16
The glory of our God and King,
Will put an end to night;
There too, the tree of life will bring,
Eternal health and light.
The Father’s house for ev’ry heir,
Our King prepares each room;
Each one that trusts can enter there,
And miss eternal gloom. 24

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