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A Better Day Tomorrow

by Gertrude Jefferies

Lord, this day has been bad, from the start to the finish
My intentions, though good, all seemed to diminish.
I snapped, and I crapped, was mean and unkind
Just didn't seem to have You on my mind.
The items I bought, need to be returned
An offer of friendship, I actually spurned.
No wonder my head aches, and I can't sleep.
This is a day, one should never repeat.
Now I'm lying in bed, thoughts in my head
Make me so ashamed, almost wish I were dead.
But the one thing that saves me, as I lay here
Is that Jesus my Savior was always right there.
He saw all my ugliness, yet even then
His heart flowed with love for me again and again.
As he whispered to me, his voice reached inside,
Where the real me was hiding, afraid he would chide.
He said, "don't you know, I understand?
All I wanted to do was take you by the hand.

Today is over, is now part of the past
And whatever it was like, does not need to last.
This day coming in will be so much better,
We'll do things different, but we'll do them together.
Expect the good things, no matter from where,
And though some bad may come, we'll be prepared.
So put on your Armor, and when you go out
Tomorrow, the enemy, you and I will rout.
Tomorrow is my loving gift that is true
Tomorrow will be a better day for you."

This poem won 1st place for the March 2013 poetry contest

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