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The Angels Kept Silent

by Danette Kettwich

Away up the hillside
My Savior was led.
My humble Lord Jesus
With thorns on his head.

The angels above
Looked down on His way;
They kept silent as they
Watched Him that day.

They watched as the beam
Was dropped in a hole.
Wings trembled in rage
And made thunder roll.

Not long ago they watched
Above where he lay.
They rejoiced as the Savior
Was placed in the hay.

This time they watched silent,
They did not rejoice;
They did not echo in
Any harmonic voice.

Did they wait in their legions,
A single word to be said?
One word to prompt a rescue
Archangel led.

Did they know this way was
God's eternal plan?
From the spear in His side
To the spikes in His hands.

The angels kept silent
As He cried 'It is done.'
Did they weep as if
The enemy had just won?

As the Messiah was
placed into the grave,
Did they comprehend the plan
For human souls to save?

Three days passed as they
Watched the stony place.
The death shroud then fell
They looked upon His face.

Heaven could no longer
Hold back their voice;
Their silence was broken
In harmonic rejoice.

Hallelujah! He is risen!
He has risen from the dead!
He is alive! He is alive!
Just as He said!

Death has no victory,
Death has no sting!
For Christ is alive
He's the everlasting King!

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