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-Crucify Him, Crucify Him-

by Bryan Miles

-Crucify Him-

So much fury from the hearts of men
Men He created, again and again
Repeated these words, screaming aloud
Following their hearts, following the crowd
What was the reason? Did anyone know?
Undeserved hatred heightened each blow
Beaten and bleeding, gashes of blood
Burrowed into His skin echoing the THUD
The thud of the cross shoved into the ground
No one suspected that God was around
Yes, God was around, right there and above
Loving creation unworthy of love

He knew what they'd say, the words they would yell
The poison they'd spit from the gallows of Hell
He knew their hearts, He saw their hate
He carried the cross, He bore the weight
The weight of the cross, and the weight of THEIR sin
More than the gashes dug into His skin
Like a Father whose children have all turned away
More than the kiss of Judas did betray
So, what about it friend? Do you scream and yell?
One day all your words will certainly foretell
Will you stand in the path of those facing loss?
Or be cleansed by His blood that was shed on the cross..

Bryan Miles c. 03-29-13
All Rights Reserved

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