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The Joy of Salvation

by Roger Horsch

Our spirits will radiate the joy of salvation
In all that we think and do
And we won't get tired of doing God's will
For the Word of the Lord is true

Our relationship with God through prayer
Has a limitless supply of love
The majesty and power of the one who is king
Will be given to us from above

He gave us freedom to give our fears
And our worries and problems to Him
That the chance of ever losing our faith
Through the Spirit of Love is slim

So, find a word that comes from God
And stand for His words are true
He says we should ask through prayer
When we don't know what to do

If our faith in God's love is consistent
He'll catch us if we fall
He'll provide solutions to all our problems
No matter how big or small

So rejoice in the Lord our father
And put a smile upon your face
For we'll soak ourselves in God's great glory
And bask within His grace.

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