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Spiritual Fruit

by Roger Horsch

The fruits of the Spirit are given to us
By our Father from Heaven above
And through the Spirit of Christ Himself
He gave us the fruit of love

On this tree grows spiritual fruit
Such as joy that we can feel each day
He gives us peace and patience
But this tree has much more to say

There is kindness, goodness and faithfulness
That grows on this heavenly tree
They can change our lives right before our eyes
Not just for us, but for all to see

Then there's gentleness and self control
These fruits can be hard to bear
But because of the gift God gave to us
These things we all can share

Thank you Lord for this tree of life
That comes in this spiritual form
For without these fruits life can be real cold
But with them our lives feel warm.

This poem was a finalist in the April 2013 poetry contest

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