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by Roger Horsch

Life is a blessing given to us
From the day of our own birth
And through the hands of God Himself
He gives us all self-worth.

We all have the choice to choose what's right
'Cause he gave us all free will
For if you choose the things of this world
You will surely roll down hill.

You will land in a hole that you can't get out
No matter how hard you try
And no one will be able to help you out
No matter how loud you cry.

There is only one way out of this hole
On a path that is very thin
You must surrender your life to Jesus Christ
Then He'll forgive you for all your sin.

He will set your feet on solid ground
He will help you walk up hill
He will show you how to choose what's right
Then He'll show you His own will.

When we keep our eyes on Jesus
God's only begotten Son
Everything comes in second
For the Lord is number one.

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