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by Deborah Ann Belka

Lord, I am thirsty,
I need more of You . . .
for, there's a spiritual drought
right now, I am going through.

Fill me with fresh hope,
take the aridness in my soul away
rain on me Your mercy
renew my heart, in You today.

Lord, I am thirsty,
my arms to You are opened wide
protect and defend me
come be my unwavering guide.

Make this dry season I'm in,
turn into Your valley's green
where living waters flow
so that on You, I'll always lean.

Lord, I am thirsty,
I need more of You . . .
restore in me my youthful faith
like the refreshing morning dew!

Psalm 110:3
King James Version

"Thy people shall be willing in the day
of thy power,in the beauties of holiness
from the womb of the morning:thou hast
the dew of thy youth."

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