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Judas takes the Fall

by Gary Whaley

Judas takes the fall

I thought of Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve that followed Jesus;
His name is one of betrayal, a name that doesn’t please us.
Young Judas was filled with greed; he tried to force the Masters hand,
He wanted Jesus to rise and lead, driving Gentiles out from Holy Land.

Jesus knew well the one, whose name, was appointed to betray.
He dipped the bread into cup of wine, and passed it Judas’ way.
Judas took the bread from Christ; as Satan possessed him then,
Go and do this awful deed. Be quick! It was a matter now of when.

Judas met with the high priests, it was thirty pieces of silver he would gain.
He’d lead the guards where Jesus prayed, in agony and pain.
“Father, if it be thy will, let this cup pass me buy,”
But God’s promise to fulfill, Jesus had to die.

Into the garden came the guards, Judas had lead them there.
And with a kiss to Jesus’ face, he took the devil’s dare.
“Thy betray the Son of Man with a kiss,” Jesus replied,
Guards seized Jesus and arrested Him, so that He’d be tried.

When the mock trial was over, the Sanhedrin had won the bout,
They mocked, and scoffed, and struck the Christ, before they took Him out;
Accusing Him of blasphemy, “Crucify Him,” was their shout.
Judas now with loss for words, He’d taken another route.

Judas now in agony, realized the deed he’d done,
His tormented soul plagued him now; he’d betrayed God’s only Son.
His plan of action, its course was run; the plan had been ill gain.
He took the silver back to the priests, too late now to complain.

The priests laughed at Judas, as he threw his silver to the ground;
The agony was much too great, solace could not be found.
Insane with grief and shame, he could not understand,
How he could follow, love and betray, Christ the Son of Man.

The pain tore deep into his heart, as rendered by a knife;
And as to relieve the deed he done, Judas took his own life.
He hung himself upon a tree that broke, and Judas tumbled down;
He hit the earth with awful force, his guts spilt over the ground.

Why was Judas chosen, for Satan to possess his mind?
God’s plan had to be put in place, in order to save mankind.
Jesus taught about the love of God, His mercy and His grace;
Judas had chosen to do the deed; he knew what he would face.

I felt remorse for Judas today, and you might recall;.
To implement God’s saving grace, Judas would take the fall.
Judas was possessed by Satan; or was he sound of mind;
But for the job that Judas did, should God treat him so kind?

God is our Creator, and sustainer of all life,
But sometimes God works miracles, in our time of strife.
God loves all His children, regardless of their sin;
But don’t let Satan possess you, instead let Jesus in.

Judas has to answer, for all that he has done.
If Judas hadn’t done it, you might have been the one.
And much the same, yet in other ways, The Son we might betray,
Guard your heart, be vigilant, and don’t forget to pray.

This poem was a finalist in the March 2019 poetry contest

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