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A Tribute To George Beverly Shea

by Margaret Cagle

For many years I have heard
Singing by George Beverly Shea.
That is why I was so saddened
To hear of his death today.

In the Billy Graham Crusades,
George sang from his heart.
In that evangelistic ministry,
He certainly had a great part.

Oh, the joy of that home-coming
When he reached the golden shore.
His flight was set on ready,
For he was one-hundred and four.

This booming baritone is in Heaven,
Worshipping his Savior so dear,
Singing "I'd Rather Have Jesus"
More beautiful than he sang it here.

Will he sing "The Wonder Of It All"
With more verses added up there?
Yes, now he can see more wonders
In that Heavenly home so fair.

America's beloved hymn singer
Is gone and belongs to the ages.
He faithfully sang for Christ,
Singing from our hymn book pages.

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