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Christ is Here

by Rev Albert Giovino © 1996

My soul is free, I’ve crossed the bar.
The troubles of earth are small and far.

Overwhelming love surrounds my form.
From flesh to glory, myself transformed.

I see the gates now, pearls of white.
Beautiful colors imbue my sight.

Streets of purest gold are there.
Beauty and majesty, beyond compare.

I look for Jesus where can he be.
And then I notice he’s holding me.

I fall before him at his feet.
I feel his love so pure, so sweet.

He says, “Fear not you are my son”!
“Bought with my blood, you’re place I’ve won”!

“Look my son, I’ve prepared a place”!
“You’ve completed the course, you’ve finished the race”!

Morn not for me, all love is here.
No pain or crying, just joy and cheer.

And when you come, my love my dear.
All will be well, for Christ is here.

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