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The Prodigal

by Rev Albert Giovino © 2001

I wandered from my father
I took all that I could
I spent it all on pleasure
I corrupted all that’s good

I lived like, no tomorrow
Consequences were far from me
I reveled in perversion
I cared not of the fee

I spent and spent my blessing
Not counting any cost
Not caring how I got it
Not caring how much I lost

But one day it all ended
My substance was overspent
I looked around for succor
But all my “friends” they went

I suffered in depression
I worked till overtired
My only food was pig slop
As I dug it from the mire

Sanity finally came to me
My father he would see
I’d beg him for forgiveness
A servant I could be

I rehearsed it in my mind’s eye
I meant it from the heart
I sinned against you father
Please give me a new start

I was filthy with sweat and pig slop
As my house came into view
I saw my father coming
I began my speech on queue

My words were cut off quickly
On my neck I felt a kiss
A robe of richness clothed me
Embraced so hard I pitched

“My son who was dead, is back again.
He’s made alive and whole!”
“A feast will be prepared for him,
The loved one of my soul!”

This story is mine my brother
I was wasted and dead in sin
Falling before God in repentance
I was made alive in him

He clothed me in his righteousness
He made me rich in him
Now I am his child
One of God’s own kin

If that is you Oh! Child
Jesus is waiting now for you
So surrender to his mercy
He’ll do the same for you

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